Friday, February 17, 2012

How about "A fun little DIY project and a sewing kit make-over"

First for...
a fun little jar redo.
While needing some containers for my sewing box make-over I remembered I had some small jam jars I had saved..."Perfect I thought!"
"But they could surely use a little fixin' for my little sewing box make-over."
 I searched the house for some scraps of  fabric that I could use...
Then I traced  a circle about 1 1/2" inches or so bigger than the lid
"I did this by just eyeballing it"
Then with my handy dandy glue gun I hot glued the fabric to the lid, being careful not to burn any fingers. "Darn that thing is hot"! I also found it a little easier to put the glue on the fabric then tuck in. You also don't want to use a fabric that is to thick, because you will have trouble getting the lid to go back on. You could just glue around the edges and not tuck in, then cover with something a little thicker to cover the sides.

After my edges were all glued and tucked in place, I added some cute ric-rack around the sides using the glue gun.

 The results.......
A cute little re-puposed jar!
Easy, eco friendly, and total cuteness!
I made two, one for all my extra buttons and one to hold some of my smaller spools of thread.

I added a button on the top for the one that holds the buttons....

And a small spool of thread for the one that holds my spools of thread.

Lots of possibilities with this little jar redo!
You could also make the top a pin cushion, How cute would that be!
& you would have a double dutie storage container!

Hmmm! I think I have one jar left in the cupboard! 

And now for my sewing kit make-over!

This was the whole reason I got inspired to do a little DIYing with the jars project!

OK, so this is how very un-organized my sewing box was

 here it goes.....

One tangled giant mess! So embarrassing!
I'm not really to good at sewing, it's one of those things that's been on my list, but geez! This is what you call a sewing box disaster!

Thanks to this cute new sewing box I scored for just $10 bucks at a Beverly's Craft store
I'm no longer living with a sewing box disaster!
 It's all been put back nice and neat and perfectly re-organized!
& my little jars fit perfect!  "Although they are so cute a might want to leave them on a shelf to display!"
I have lots of space!

& I'm so loving these bright fun pins my mom got me to add to my sewing box make-over!

And here it is! All organized and ready for some sewing adventures!

Friday, February 3, 2012

What's Good! Southern Biscuits & Chocolate Gravy!

One of the best childhood memories I have growing up is going to my Grandpas house on the weekend to have biscuits and chocolate gravy. My moms granny made it for them and it has been handed down ever since.

Not very common where we grew up.When you ask someone around here if they have had chocolate gravy & biscuits for breakfast there like ... I've never heard of it!
 It's definitely a once in a while treat, but if you have a thing for chocolate this is pure goodness, definitely a comfort food!
 The best way is to use your favorite homemade biscuits, but you can also use refrigerator biscuits. I found an easy recipe that I like to use here.

 My make shift biscuit cutter :]

 The recipe for the gravy is super easy!
I thought it would be fun to see what recipes were online and to my surprise there is quite a lot of them!  They are all similar. When I saw that Paula Dean had a recipe you know I had to give it a try!

 Mix your cocoa, flour & sugar into your melted butter.

 add your milk stir until thickened, then add a little vanilla. It's that simple!
 Hot buttery biscuits....
 drizzled with hot chocolate gravy!
Oh My!
 Yes, it's good!
Good to the last drop!

What even makes this recipe more awesome is you put the left overs in the fridge and once chilled you have a chocolate pudding treat! mmmmmmm!

Paula has a biscuit recipe and chocolate gravy recipe here  It's been tested, and it's oh so yum!!! Just like I remember!
I did make a little change and added 1 teaspoon of vanilla at the end once thickened. The recipe I have written down always seemed like it was missing a little something. After making Paula's I think it was the butter. My mom says my grandpa would add some butter and the vanilla to the end!

Pure comfort!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies!

 Starting out the month of love & sweetness with these jumbo chocolate chip cookies!

Found the recipe Here.

Happy February!