Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trip to the beach

 I got to go on a little get away to one of my favorite spots on the California coast.....
 Carmel by the sea!
A place with lots of gorgeous beaches!

A very dog friendly place so you see lots of people and their doggies...
In the back view of this pick, where you see the green patch, that's the famous Pebble Beach golf course

Our first day it rained and rained and rained!
But thankfully,the next day we got some sunshine &
got to enjoy a little stroll on the beach before we headed back.

If you have never been, let me just tell you... it's like you stepped right into a little fairy tale wonderland!
There lots and lots of wonderful little restaurants......
Is this not the cutest setup......
Lots and lots of the cutes shops ever!!!!

Romance is overflowing.......
The flowers alone make your heart flutter!

I snapped a few more pics of the beach on a little drive...
This is a glimpse of where we got to stay! Right smack in the middle of Carmel!
So in love!

Love this cabinet! It was filled with the battery operated candles
and while sitting their in the evening I noticed the glow!
How smart is this!
They are set on timers so they automatically pop on in the evening!
So gonna get a few of those!

Love, love this!
So that's a little glimpse of part one!
I have a few more pics to share!

From the random blogger :]
I have really missed blogging lately, it's been a little hectic and I'm not
the greatest juggler!

Hope all is well on your sides!

Have a blessed day!


Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

What a gorgeous place to visit! I loved all of the photos you have shared with us.
I have been so busy lately, too. It is hard to juggle it all, my gardens call me in this early spring time and they take precedence over blogging. I miss seeing all of my favorite blogs out there!
Have a great week!


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I adore Carmel. Our favorite place to stay is the Cobblestone Inn and we love to eat at.....oh let me's a French bistro......has a snail......oh I'm going to google it.....of course....L'Escargot. Where do you like to stay? It looks charming!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Oh my goodness, I just saw on your etsy shop that you're from the Central Valley! Me too! It's an awful big valley. What large city are you near? I'm near Fresno.

vintage grey said...

What beautiful photos! I would love to be in Caramel, right now! It is a great place to visit! I have been there once, and it was fabulous! Love those battery operated candles! Thanks for sharing!! Have a wonderful evening!! xo Heather

Heaven's Walk said...

Looks like I have another place to put on my Bucket List, Elizabeth! What a beautiful place! So romantic and quaint! :)

xoxo laurie

Martina said...

So lovely! Would love to visit Carmel one day!

Gloria said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Carmel! Yes, we know it well..:) Beautiful spot to have a get-away! It can be cold and foggy, but still very pretty. We use to live in Moss Landing...not real far from there. The 17-mile drive is always a great trip. One of our favorite family spots is still, The Fisherman's Wharf, in Monterey. We loved having clam chowder then walking the trail and the wharf shops. We have friends that live in the area. Fun to visit them!

Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter to you!