Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Addicted to Bundt Cakes!

I have been wanting to get a bundt cake pan for a while and I had seen some cute ones at Target,
 but I had always seemed to talk myself out of it.

But finally....

 I took the leap....

and spent the 11.99

& I got myself this cute bundt pan!
{what a bargain!}

Which now started my new addiction...

Bundt cakes!

This was my first try.
I used the recipe that came with the pan.
It was a yummy chocolate and vanilla marbled cake!

The next try was ...


and here we have it.... Lemon with a yummy lemon glaze.
& so pretty!

I think for my next lemon one, I will try the lemon extract for the cake part.
I used fresh lemons and I think it could of been
a bit more lemony, but the fresh lemons worked great for the

yummo with coffee for breakfast!

I just love how it slices up so easy!
A slice with a little scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of glaze on top
maybe some fresh berries 
and you have yourself an easy dessert that could serve many.
Oh the possibilities :]
And then chocolate!
This one came out pretty good, wish it was a little more chocolatey though.
I'm in search for some good recipes.

If you know of any delish recipes for bundt cakes, I'd love to hear!

I think pumpkin is calling out for the next try!

Have a lovely day!



It's me said...

That looks great !! from

Gloria said...

They all look very delicious,,,at breakfast, or anytime!! I love the color of your new pan...:)

Your C.S. Lewis quote under your banner is awesome!!! I love it!

Have a beautiful day, sweet friend!