Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall and a few new things!

It's been a little while

I think I definitely have had a major case of bloggers block!

I'm looking forward to one of my favorite seasons!
Not to hot not to cool
 all the beautiful colors!
I've also been a busy bee
working on a few new things for my shop!

A little bit for Halloween...
and a little bit of pretties for the home...

So that's what I have been up to lately....still working on the balancing thing...

I also have been having some difficulty leaving comments and haven't had the time to figure out what the heck is going on. It's when I try to sign in. Not sure?  So gotta figure that out!

Have a lovely day!!!



It's me said...

Hope you feeling better soon darling......take care of your self !! from

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

These are beautiful treasures. Adore the new banner!

Martina said...

Love your garlands here! So pretty - not orange, but white, bringing some freshmess to the season!