Wednesday, August 3, 2011

summer time favorites

Fresh picked peaches
a little bit of cream
a little bit more
a sprinkle of sugar
and you have yourself a tasty treat!
peaches & cream
One of my favorite things growing up! This was a treat my grandma would make us when
we went to visit her.
And a treat I look forward to every summer! 
Do you have any summer time favorites?


It's me said...

Yammie !!!...enjoy summer

It's me said...

Yammie !!!...enjoy summer

Martina said...

Looks soooooo delicious - fruits are oner of the best things of summer!

birdie blue said...

looks delicious, elizabeth. we've been eating cases of nectarines here. i'll have to talk the girls into giving peaches a go.


June said...

So funny that I am sitting here eating sliced peaches as I read this! I LOVE them so much.
hugs from here...