Monday, July 25, 2011

The great outdoors!

It's been a couple years since we have taken a camping trip.
We decided it was time to dust off the gear, pack up and
head to our favorite spot in the mountains.
We would have no TV
No cell phones,No computer!
Just peacefulness, nature & some much needed family time!
Enjoying the great outdoors at its best!
Yummy camp food!
Why is it that camp food always taste so much better?
My favorite part of camping is the morning and evening campfires...

And of course roasting marshmallows for smores, and evening talks around the campfire.

You couldn't ask for a better morning stroll.
This was my morning walk.
Right to the most delicious coffee bar. This makes up for being without technology,
a warm cozy bed, and a nice warm shower!
The same owners have owned it since we have been coming up here! They make the best mocha's ever!

There is lots & lots to do!
If you want lots of quiet time, you can hang out at your camp site.
Or you can bike ride,boat,hike,hangout at the lake...

you can watch a movie under the stars in the evening...

And there is always something crafty going on!

Something new we tried this year was kayaking!
A little scary, but fun.
My older son didn't hear the leaning to much to one side
would end you up in the water.
Clothes and all he ended up in the water!

If your into more action you can hang out on the beach!  In the winter it snows up here and this year they had lots, so the water was still very cold!
{I should say more like ice water!} Not a whole lot of swimming going on!

We also took a 2 hour hike around the lake. Whew! A little out of shape I am!
The boys were determined they could out hike us!
We saw these crazy kids that were jumping off the edge into the lake!
The most amazing views in the hike!
{Warning lots of pics!}
Lots of hidden little spots to enjoy!

The hike takes you on many different terrains!

Some really cool paths!
Very cool hidden away cabins!
Love the beds outside on the deck!
{As I'm getting older this is looking much more appealing than the tent and a blow up mattress!}

This is a little kinda hilarious....
A pay phone on the hike,but no phone!

The wild flowers were so vibrant and pretty!
We made it around the lake! Whew! It was definitely a hike!
Love this little shabby chic chair it was on the path facing the lake!

Minus the freezing nights and the bugs it was a wonderful and peaceful getaway! As you can see it wasn't a total kind of {roughin' it} camp trip, but any kind of  tent camping definitely helps you appreciate a warm bed and a warm shower!

Now back to reality!


vintage mum said...

Looks like a lovely place, toasting marshmallows sounds good to me.
I now have 6 weeks off school yippee
Cate x

It's me said...

It seems like a great holliday !!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

How fun to be out with nature! I love to go camping (my husband prefers the hotels). Loved all of the photos.


Martina said...

What a gorgeous campsite and landscape! Sometimes, it's so good to get back to nature and connect with it, attuning to a quieter rythm. Welcome back, hope your week starts in a relaxed way! xx

Gloria said...

What wonderful views of your camping trip. I am like you, I love the mornings and evenings around that camp fire...the SMORES. And, oh my, the gorgeous picture taking views on those walks. Your photos were amazing! Almost makes you want to head back out there to sleep on the ground and fight with those bugs huh!! :) I think you should enlarge and frame that "morning stroll" shot!!! Seriously beautiful! YOUR kids will love you for all of these wonderful memories you guys gave them...:)

koralee said...

What fun....we camp every Summer! But this Summer we are soooo crazy busy...I am missing it now! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful place with us....hugs to you. xoxo

blessedmom's simple home said...

What lake and campground did you go to? It looks like a beautiful place! We haven't been camping in awhile. My husband was just saying to me the other day that we need to go soon.