Friday, July 15, 2011

Garden Goodness!

Well, we had a bit of a slow start with our garden, but now, Oh My!
garden of plenty!
seems like they grow overnight!
Our tomatoes are a bit slower. We have tons of cherry tomatoes,they are all green right now,I have a feeling they will be ripe all at the same time. Lots of salads!  I think we will have to give out bags to our neighbors.
Not to shabby for not having much of a green thumb!
Especially the up keep, we don't have a sprinkler or drip system so its remembering to
go out and water.
All well worth it though!
Happy Day!


birdie blue said...

truly a bountiful harvest, elizabeth.

enjoy your dinner with all of that 'garden goodness'.

well done!

June said...

I would say you do have a green thumb Elizabeth. This looks wonderful! My vegetables are so late this year, but I will be patient.
I love your photos of your harvest!
sending hugs...

It's me said...

Martina said...

OMG, such lovely veggies! Can't get enough of them! Try oven roasted cherry tomatoes - so yummy!

blessedmom's simple home said...

Wow, you're garden is doing well. So far, I seem to have mostly tomatoes (along with lots of strawberries). I'm afraid my peppers aren't producing yet, but we did have broccoli for supper this evening that came straight from the garden. I love that!

Gloria said...

WOW! Lovely veggies. You really must have a green thumb! I bet they taste as yummy as they look too! :)
Have you ever read the book, "French Dirt"? I really enjoyed that book, about a garden in the south of France. Any Gardener would appreciate it! :)