Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer break...

Summer break is finally here, (shouts of joy) although with the weather we have been having lately,
it hasn't really been feeling to summer break like yet!
This week though, expecting lots of sunshine!
We have had a very busy past couple of weeks!
Biggest, being my oldest son graduating from high school.
"Oh where"  "oh where" does the time go?
It was a wonderful ceremony and a wonderful day celebrating
with family and friends!
And of course lots and lots of good food!
Hit of the party, "Broccoli salad"! yummo!
We are now stepping into the next chapter preparing
for college life!
Let me just say, one word...Overwhelming!

His brother helped decorate the cupcakes, this one he made just for him.

I have also been busy with some orders from my Etsy shop
These wreaths are for a wedding!
each flower is handmade from paper.
I think the results our pure prettiness!

My morning addiction has been
 coffee and this lovely spread...
So addicted to nutella!
This recipe above we had to try!
I got it from an adorable blog
that I found recently
(Did I mention adorable)

The recipes for nutella are endless!
 If you go to
type in nutella

Darn, this is good stuff!
or you can try it my sons favorite way
Bugles (which are those corn, cone shaped, kinda chips) dipped in nutella!
I guess its that salty sweet, or just teenage taste buds!

My other project I've been up to, is working on the yard.
Getting it ready to relax and enjoy this summer!

Since we are going to have to spend  the  summer at the
"mi casa resort"

At least we can pretend we are at a lovely far of little cottage, maybe walking distance from the
beach. Enjoying morning coffee outside on the lovely patio, hearing the little birdies chirp....

Got my garden planted!
Hopefully this weeks sunshine will give it a much needed boost!

I am so
ready to relax and enjoy a break with the family!
Work on some me stuff!
Catch up on my favorite blogs and hopefully
blog a little more too!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!
I'm gonna go catch some long awaited sunshine!




It's me said...

Hi Elizabeth are you???..o my i like your wreath 's !! beautiful...and yes Nutella is yammie !!...have a nice day

vintage mum said...

Hi we still have 6 weeks to wait for our school hols to start.
Looks like you have been busy in between the Nutella :)
Have a lovely time doing you stuff
Cate x

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

I love the wreath's, so beautiful. That must take hours and hours to make those. My kids love Nutella...thankfully I do not :) I love to sit outside and drink my morning coffee and listen to the birdies sing, the scent of flowers in the air. Pure Heaven! Your flowers are looking pretty, I love the containers you have them in. Hello summer!


Martina said...

So pretty your pink wreaths here - did you make them? They so fit to your blog! God, it's amazing how kids grow - my younget son turned 18 in Feb. - i can't believe it! Happy weekend to you :)

Heaven's Walk said...

Ok....between the ads on tv and you blogging about Nutella - I'm just going to have to buy some on my next shopping trip! It really does sound good! And who wouldn't love a little chocolate in the morning....? lol! We'll be spending our summer here at the farm, too. We love it here so much, we don't feel the need to vacation anywhere. ♥

xoxo laurie

Rosie said...

I am SOOO ready for a bit of summer sun...It's hard to believe that it is THE MIDDLE OF JUNE!!!
Just planted my herb window box and am already reaping the benefits with a little Rosemary Chicken this evening...gotta love it!
Happy Thursday...xoxox....Rosie

Gloria said...

Your wreaths are gorgeous. It is amazing that you made each of the flowers on them by hand! WOW!!! Beautiful job!

Your garden looks so pretty too. Congrats to your son! It is scary how fast time really does fly. Enjoy each and every precious day with your family...:)

I hope you are having a happy Summer!


Maria said...

Hi Elizabeth! Those wreaths are so very pretty ~ for a wedding!!! That is such an amazing idea! Wish I knew you last year when we were planning our daughter, Rachael's wedding!
I'll be they will look lovely! Will you get photos of their use at the wedding? It would be great for your etsy!

I loved your post on the white milk glass ~ I spotted a lamp just like mine in one of the milk glass posts... your collection is so lovely and what a sweet and generous gift. I'm sure she knows that her collection will be treasured ♥
Have a sweet weekend,

blessedmom's simple home said...

Your wreaths are so pretty...I'm sure they'll look beautiful for a wedding. We were down in Newport last week, and it was cold and drizzly. It's finally hot here now. My hubby is ready to head back down there. Your garden looks like it's starting to take off :)

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Congratulations on your son's graduation! Such and exciting time in life for all of you.
Your yard looks Beautiful!! And, those paper roses wreaths-Oh My!!! Gorgeous! (Do you remember Marie Osmand's song "Paper Roses"?)
Enjoy this wonderful summer,