Friday, June 24, 2011

New things and A yummy gluten free recipe

Well summer is officially here! It has been very,very hot this past week! So far our summer break has kept us quite busy.
I wanted to share a few pics of some new items I've been working on for my Etsy Shop.
   Some new hair clips
I really like the vintage feel they have.
Last week we celebrated my nieces B-day and
because my sister eats gluten free
and my niece had a request for
lemon bars and rasberry pockets
we decided to make the goodies to share.
So we could all share in the sweet treats.
These are the little yummies my sister made...
oh, so lemony, lemon bars and little raspberry tarts!
The raspberry tarts were made with a cream cheese dough!
Oh my! They were delish!
And I gave it a go at a recipe to share, "Peanut Butter and chocolate chunk cookies"! 
I substituted chocolate chips for the chunks.
I got it here
it was a link from The foodgawker
Did a mention I love this site!
Oh, do they have so many goodies!
And the pics are fabulous!
The cookies were pretty darn yummy too!
So yummy they became breakfast,lunch and dinner.

I had to show a pic of how much my garden box has grown!
I thought my garden was never going to grow but it's amazing how all the sunshine has given it a boost! Now its
growing like crazy. Weeds and all!

Hope you all are having a nice start to summer!




Martina said...

Such lovely treats here! Must try making these lemon bars, i love everything lemon! And your hair clips - so sweet!

birdie blue said...

those look delicious elizabeth. i'll have to try them.

the new hair clips are d a r l i n g!

hope the sun shines brightly for you this weekend.

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

I love your new hair clips~so cute! How fun to have your garden growing.

vintage mum said...

Hi Elizabeth The hairclips are a lovely idea something different.
I have foodgawker bookmarked it's great, I don't normally like lemon but they look worth a try infact I might try them all :)
We have a few more weeks untill the end of school.
Cate x

It's me said...

You make beautiful and delicious things darling !! enjoy a happy sunny Ria,,

koralee said...

Everything is so beautiful over here...I have missed visiting you my friend. Off to take a peek around. xoxoxo

Maria said...

Hi Elizabeth!
What beautiful things you are making!
I just love lemon bars and those delicious looking choco chunk cookies! I love the way the whole house smells like chocolate and butter when making cookies like that!
Hope you're having a sweet summer so far!

Gloria said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Summer has been so busy for us here, it looks like you have had some pretty things keeping you busy too. Your vintage hair clips are very sweet! The desserts look amazing, I am sure they tasted as delicious as they look. YUM! Thanks for sharing...:)

We have had a lot of heat here. It does make things just grow wild (weeds and all). The plants and flowers just drink up all that water, soak up the sun....and grow another foot here. Where we lived before we had a lot of fog, not much sun. I can see a huge difference in how things grow when you add a little sunshine now! Happy gardening!! Thanks for stopping by for a visit...:)