Friday, May 20, 2011

Milk Glass love..........

I wanted to share a bit more pics of my new
collection I inherited.
Love,love, love it!
love the hobnail!
You bet I was excited when I received the box
of these pretties!
Thank you to my sister-in-law and her sweet
mother-in-law for thinking of me.
It means so much to receive this.
This was something she had for many,many years.
Also something very hard for her to see go.
She has moved in with her son and my sister-in-law
And she went through many of her things.
This collection she wanted me to have.
Isn't that the sweetest!
We have had many mothers day tea parties
and she new how I loved
the milk glass.
She is a spunky 89 years old.
I will take very good care of this wonderful treasure
that she loved so much and has handed it on.
So glad it was me :]

It's been a while
I'm linking up with the lovely Joyce for
Friday Pretties!

Still on my organizing frenzy
We are on the count down to
the last week of school!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!



Scrappy Grams said...

How kind of the lady to pass it on to you! She has to know that you will render the same care for the collection that she did. They look lovely in your cabinet.

Vintage Home said...

Elizabeth...your love of these beautiful pieces is so obvious ...They look stunning. I know your friend will know how well loved they will be!
Thanks for sharing!

Martina said...

Such a gorgeous collection - very decorative pieces! They went into the right hands. Hope your weekend will be lovely!

a vintage knitter said...

Isn't it wonderful for her to know that something she valued and cared for for so long will continue to be cherished!! Beautiful collection and looks amazing in your cabinet! beautiful pics:) Have a wonderful week!!

It's me said...

What a great collection !! happy

June said...

You have truly been blessed with a lovely collection Elizabeth. How sweet of your SIL to think of you.
hugs to you...

birdie blue said...

it's a beautiful collection of milkglass, elizabeth. truly outstanding! i'm loving the ruffled hobnail piece.

have an excellent weekend, my friend.


Gloria said...

Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!!! I adore milk glass! What a sweet gift this is...:) Especially with the history behind it! I think you displayed it beautifully too!!

Have a happy last couple of weeks of school. We are doing the count down over here too. I am SOOO looking forward to Summer...:) ENJOY!!