Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Pretties project under $10


its definitely been awhile.....

Please forgive my absence.....

Just needed a little break and some time to re-focus

on some things.....

I'm a bit late for Friday pretties but I still wanted to share

my pretty project with you...... Still working out the P word...

(Procrastinator)" That darn" I'll do it a little later gets me every time....

Since much, {ok all of my decorating} must be done

on a budget these days I'm always on the look out for

inexpensive ideas.

I really love the way this came out..........

Plants, bag of rocks and glass containers from
the dollar tree....

not only was this project about 10 bucks it took only about
10 minutes to do.

The green moss I had on hand but you can get at Michael's

for about 6 bucks use their 50 percent of coupon! You just

saved 3 bucks. Now you can stop and get a latte guilt free. :]

Friday Pretties, pretty project ,on a budget!

I'm a little late but I'm linking up With Joyce

over at I love pretty little things. I've missed
it so!!!!!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!



It's me said...

Welcome back !!! i misss you......and you missed my lovely posts......o my dear i am glad you are back !!....lovely plants and verry cheap !! have a wonderful love love

birdie blue said...

what a sweet project, elizabeth. welcome back, i missed you.


a vintage knitter said...

Welcome back!! waht a great idea to bring a bit of green and touch of almost Spring into the house!!
So again welcome back you have been much missed!!


Gloria said...

Ohhh..very "pretty" touch of Spring!!! Welcome have been missed!

Have a beautiful weekend!

XOXO Gloria

vintage mum said...

Nice to see you back I was only thinking of you a couple of days ago
Cate x

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Perfect spring-like Friday Pretties. Welcome back!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Elizabeth! I was so happy to see you on my side bar! Welcome back. I hope that you are all filled up and renewed. We all need to take time for that when things get big-.
I love your pretty project. It would make a great gift, too! I also love your the quote on your side bar- Pray, hope and don't worry.
Oh Boy, do I need to adopt that as my motto!
Happy Friday Pretties!!!