Saturday, October 2, 2010

My $4 dollar bargain and the winner of the giveaway....

I'm sooo lovin' my new but old scale!

Stopped at a yard sale and they were selling this beauty
for $4 bucks!
We hadn't planned on stopping at any yard sales. I was taking
my sister home from dropping off her car.
And we decided to stop.
So I had no cash on me. When I spotted
This beauty I did not expect the lady to say $4.
Thankfully my sister had $2 dollars on her and then
I tore the car apart scrounging
for the other $2 bucks in change.
It was well worth it!

It's my favorite color and all!

Now for the winner Of the CSN giveaway.....

It's Kenziesmum at Gum Drops & Lollipops

I will be emailing you in a few days with your info!

Thank you all who entered for a chance at this
great giveaway from the CSN store!
Hopefully you got a chance to check out their
cool Bistro Sets!

I used the random # generator here
at Tara Freys blog , Typing out loud.
to pick the winner.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

My son turned 18 this week! Can't believe it!
So I'm off to clean and get ready for a little
family celebration we are doing for him to
celebrate as he says..... His becoming a man.
{He is still my baby though!}

Many blessing your way!