Thursday, January 28, 2010



I've been on a major organization frenzy as part of my resolution

to get organized.

Also sticking to a budget and trying to use what I already have.

So I wanted to share.

Here are a few pics of what I've been doing....

Remember the Dollar Store baskets that I wanted to pretty up?

Well here they are.......

Before boring and not so cute.


Totally cute!!!

These baskets hold some of my craft supplies.....

So much prettier!!!

I'm still working on these but I think they're turning out pretty cute.

They took a little different turn than the way I thought I was gonna go

but I'm happy with the way they're turning out,

and cheap which is always {A good thing}.

All my baskets were under $20.00 and I used scrap book paper from

Michael's to make the labels.

They had them 5 for 1.00 {can't beat that} and

if you wanted to change your look it's just a matter of new paper and

a little time.

I stamped the fronts, gave them a little aged look , tied the

front with ribbon and a little double sided tape on the back to hold in place.

So pretty!

Also remember this is my laundry/store all room.

Well, as I was on my major organization frenzy,

I wasn't thinking {which sometimes happens} and.....

{I'm a little peeved with myself}


I got busy moving things around and trying to come up with a more

organized work area.

One that's mine in a very tiny space.........

I didn't think to take pictures, Ughhhhh!!!

They would have been a great before and after.

So you will have to imagine this wall with two bookshelves,

things just shoved in and no real order.

Well,this is what happened.....

I was on a roll with my baskets and

{because just doing one project at a time would be {the wiser thing}

I thought maybe I would move my bookshelves to see how they

would look on the other wall.

So with no real plan in mind

I emptied the shelves and started to move them.

Well, one was not real stable {they are in two pieces} and

the top piece broke off.

I was like {OH! %##^%} {now what am I gonna do?}

and {part of my storage is gone.}

As I stood their in my big mess I had created,

thinking {all I'm doing is creating more of a mess}

{I should have just left things alone.}

Then I thought.........

OK, this could work

{what if I made this my work desk}

about that time my son walked in and was like

{What the heck are you doing?}

So I told him....

{I'm thinking this could be a little work area}

He left but came right back with a piece from a shelf he had in his

room that was a little bigger than the bookshelf top and

Oh my gosh!!! It made a perfect little desk top!

So here is my new workspace!


A reminder not to forget to........

I was Oh so happy!

and the best thing of all is it was free!

So lesson learned.......

not giving up when things seem like it's just not gonna work

out is a good thing!

I'm so loving my new workspace!!!

I've got more to do but I think it's coming along!


I should have no more excuses to get busy for my Etsy Shop!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Organizing On A Budget

OK, so one of my New Years Resolutions was to be more organized.........

Not that it's going quite as planned,

but if I could get more organized and

free up the clutter I might be more inspired to create.

That's the plan anyways.

It seems to be coming along a little slower than anticipated.

Those darn excuses seem to take priority.

My organizing scheme must also take place on a very small budget.

So I must be creative.

SO how to be organized on a budget?

Well, first stop was the Dollar Store because that's where my budget is at.

So as I'm looking for my cheap organizing items,

I of course found some things I really couldn't pass up

for only a buck!

{though they have nothing to do with organizing}

So here are my Dollar Store Finds........

Nice, big, heavy ,white mugs for my latte's or mocha's!

Just what I needed! Don't ya think!

Also these white with red stripe place mats!

So French Chic!

Not so bad for only a buck a piece!

I would say they were a must!

And now for my Dollar Store baskets so I can get organized!

My idea is to make little, french style tags to label the fronts of the baskets.

It's a must since my craft room is a small storage/laundry/

don't know what to do with... so put it in the room kinda space.

So we shall see if I can turn these cheap white baskets into something a little less

dollar store and a little more french chic

and stay within my budget.

I would love to just go to pottery barn but that's not gonna happen.

SO thinking creatively and cheap is a must!!

I will post my finished baskets in a few days.

That is if my vision turns out the way I have planned.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Simple Things

Ahhh the simple things...........

That can make your day all better!!!

Soooo good!

Some for later......


Out Of My Box

Well here it goes definitely stepping out of my box.

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Elizabeth and this is my very first post.

I've been inspired to create this Blog to share some of my creations,thoughts & dreams.

I have a shop on Etsy and my dream is to be able to create my art full-time.

How this idea came to be...........

Well it all started when I read a featured seller from Etsy the name of her site was

"Alice's Looking Glass." She had a link to her blog "Thoughts from Alice W."

Thank you for the


It was totally, absolutely, beautiful! Then I discovered more blogs and more blogs that


absolutely adorable and beautiful and inspiring. If you haven't already visited them it's a must!
Totally loving this whole world of inspiration

sharing little bits of ideas, thoughts and life.

Just might be the thing I need to get myself


I then purchased the book "Blogging for Bliss" by

Tara Frey and was even more


to create a blog

After going back and forth with myself.

Is this really something I could do?

I took my moms advice and I am going for it!

Writing has never been my thing so bear with me. This blog will be simple I'm sure.

On top of, I have no idea what I'm doing!!!

So here I am this New Year ready to accomplish some goals that I have put off for way to long

because yes "I'm a big procrastinator"

{did I just admit that} and I usually let fear and the not good enoughs get the best of me.

So I'm hoping this will help motivate and inspire me to accomplish some of my goals.

One of which is to work more on my creations for my Etsy Shop.

Which I have not focused on because I

make too many excuses and go into freeze mode complaining about......

not enough time,

I'm tired,


Blah, Blah, Blah.

Ok, well enough of that! It's a New Year and I'm gonna try to be more dedicated to

living my dreams.

Here's a few of my creations.......

So when your havin' that favorite cuppa and cruisin those blogs

don't forget to stop by to visit, to share, or just let me know what you think.

Can you tell I have a thing for coffee or tea. { Depending on my mood.}

It's definitely my relax time. Lattes,mocha's, white chocolate mocha's, yummy!

{if being healthy} soy latte's ,tea,chai . Most of the time just a pot of coffee.

Not much in the coffee or tea category that I don't like. Well ,Ok then.

Hopefully your still with me and I haven't totally put you to sleep.

But there you have it.

I'm gonna give this a go and I will do my best to keep it up!

If you read this whole thing, a big Thank you! And If you didn't I still thank you for stoppin' by.